Do I need to register to buy through SophiaLerner.com?

Yes, it is necessary to do it. In this way you will benefit from a safe, fast and personalized purchase.

How can I pay for my order?

You can make the payment through these options:

With a PayPal account
With VISA, Mastercard, AMEX debit / credit card

What is the delivery time of my order?

You will receive a shipping confirmation in the next 48 hours.

The delivery time to your home will be determined by the company that makes the deliveries. If it is within the country the shipping will be through Serpost and if it is international it will be Serpost. 

Approximate delivery time within Peru: 

– Lima 3 days 
– Capital by department 1 week 

 International delivery time: between 15 to 30 days.  

Can I request that the order be sent to an address different from the one with which I registered? 

Yes, you can select this option during the purchase process.   

Do the products have the Tax included? 

For Peru prices if they carry the VAT included. However, for the rest of the countries the tax is not included, this will be assumed by the client.  

Can I request an invoice for my order? 

All our shipments are accompanied by a purchase invoice issued with corporate paper with all the customer’s data and articles. The invoice issued by this website is only indicative and will not serve as a purchase document, only the invoice being valid on corporate paper that will be physically received together with the product purchased. 

 What happens if I do not fit or do not finish liking the product I bought? 

Returns of products purchased through the web are not accepted. The customer may make changes within 15 days after receiving the shipping confirmation only in the showroom in Lima, Peru provided that he meets the following conditions: 

– That the product is new, without signs of use, with the seals placed on the product, and without tearing or breaking the original labels. 

– That the product has not been tampered with. 

Once the company verifies that the conditions are met, the customer can change the item for another that we have in stock of equal or higher amount paying the difference, or for a voucher. 

If the product has manufacturing defects, the customer must contact [email protected] to review the case. 

How do I keep the clothing in good condition? 

Each of the garment in the section Shop has the wash instructions.  

What happens if I’m not sure of my size? 

Write to [email protected] with your questions. 

What is the minimum purchase abroad, free of tax, in my country? 

Customs of each country maintains a different minimum amount free of payment for imports, so the payment of local taxes depends on this amount. 

Source: DHL 

Country  De minimum Declared Value Threshold US$   
Argentina  NA   
Bahamas, The  <$49   
Barbados  NA   
Bermuda  <$20   
Bolivia  NA   
Brazil  NA   
Canada  <CA$20   
Cayman Islands  <$50   
Chile  <$30   
Colombia  NA   
Costa Rica  NA   
Curacao  $25   
Dominican Republic  $0 to $200   
Ecuador  NA   
El Salvador  NA   
Guatemala  NA   
Guadeloupe  <€22   
Guyana (French)  <€22   
Haiti  Custom’s Criteria   
Honduras  NA   
Jamaica  <$20   
Martinique  NA   
Mexico  <$50   
Nicaragua  NA   
Panama  <$100 US/ <50 Other   
Paraguay  $100   
Peru  <$200   
Trinidad & Tobago  NA   
United States  <$800   
Uruguay  $50   
Venezuela  <$100   
Virgin Islands (British)  <$20