Customer service

At Corporación K S.A.C, the customer is the center of attention. The company has a series of actions that frame the performance and behavior of the team, creating a culture of service and added value.

Data Usage

Corporación K S.A.C has internal policies established by the company to comply with the respective laws that regulate Habeas Data and the protection of personal data. They also promote values such as respect, adherence to legality, confidentiality, availability, and proper handling of personal information used by the company to achieve corporate and business objectives.

Ethics and Values

The company does not tolerate distinctions, exclusions, or preferences based on reasons such as race, color, sex, religion, political opinion, national ancestry, or social origin that have the effect of nullifying or altering equal opportunities or treatment in employment and occupation. Additionally, the company maintains an environment where its personnel can participate and contribute to business success and value generation, free from sexual harassment at work. Therefore, all forms of sexual harassment are prohibited as they interfere with a person’s job performance, creating an intimidating, hostile, and offensive work environment.

The selection and hiring process for each employee are based on competencies according to the company’s needs, professional experience, and the identification candidates have with the values of Corporación K S.A.C, avoiding any discriminatory actions in terms of salaries, working conditions, or other requirements in the provision of their services.

Our commitment is to provide a safe working environment for our team, taking care of the safety, health, hygiene, and well-being of everyone, promoting respectful interactions among all employees. Therefore, behaviors that undermine the dignity of individuals are not accepted.

Our employees must behave according to the conduct standards established by the company and comply with all obligations and provisions stipulated in this Code of Ethics and the company’s policies.


Corporación K S.A.C is a joint-stock company under Peruvian legal regulations, with administrative, financial, and budgetary autonomy, conducting its activities within the scope of private law.

For the company, its corporate governance system establishes mechanisms through which key aspects for growth, competitiveness, and sustainability are managed. In this sense, it is committed to implementing high standards in this matter. In relation to the above, Corporación K S.A.C understands that its actions are defined by decisions made by shareholders, the Board of Directors and/or Advisory Board, management, and all employees of the company.

Equal Employment and Non-Discrimination:

It is the company’s policy to promote and guarantee equal opportunities for all individuals, without distinction of color, race, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, language, religion, political opinion, or any other type, national or social origin, economic position, birth, or any other condition. The company encourages respect for diversity and always seeks a healthy work environment and good working conditions for all.


The sustainability strategy is an integral part of the company, and therefore, it has an organized supplier management process aligned with the values of Corporación K S.A.C. The company aims to prevent, mitigate, control, and compensate for the environmental impacts of its projects and operations.


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